Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Researching displays for show stands

With my forthcoming show at the Cornwall Design Fair in August I have been having a good think about how I want to display my work. Over the years I have tried all sorts of different methods of display including:

Using wooden rails to hang long textile pieces....

to shelving for cushions....

to using small metal hooks for scarves and just a hammer and nail to hang pictures....

or even just a floor plinth to diplay antique chairs.

My currently collection is mainly scarves and purses so I am looking for some simple yet effect (and relatively cheap) methods of display that really shows off my work to its full potential.
I'm mainly thinking of using wooden knobs to display each scarf and some wooden crates to act as shelving for the purses. Here's some good ideas I have come across:


(I will update this once I have done the show to demonstate how my stand looked in the end and what methods of display I decided to use)

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