Tuesday, 5 April 2011

My love of weaving......

To me weaving is alchemy. To be able to express myself through the medium of yarns and dyes, creating something beautiful, interesting and suprising.

This may seem strange but I often find a flat piece of fabric fairly boring. This, coupled with my love of textures and experiencing through touch is what drives my creative weaving. My curiosity of the technical side of weaving fuels me to experiment with making tactile fabrics, whilst developing my knowledge of how cloth is constructed.

All my work is inspired by nature. I use the textures found around the Cornish coastline where I live as a starting point for capturing nature in cloth. I combine traditional handwoven techniques with the modern computerised Jacquard loom to create a range of exciting fabrics. I also use ancient dyeing techniques using natural dyes to create a colour palette that is truely taken from nature.