Monday, 15 July 2013

Design zen

 (Shihoko Fukumoto)

I absolutely love Japanese design. There is something so simple yet stunning, so natural yet elegant and so well executed and thought out that just creates such a perfect overall piece that you can only admire in awe. I have discovered that there are the 7 Japanese principles which can be applied to all areas of your life but can definitely be found present in beautiful Japanese design. They are:
  1. Simplicity- uncomplicated
  2. Irregularity- uneven, irregular
  3. Austere- beauty in being understated
  4. Naturalness- raw, non-artificial
  5. Profundity- avoid obvious, not revealing all
  6. Unworldly- freedom from habits
  7. Tranquillity- stillness, energised calm
I think I can learn from these principles and I am going to work these ideas into my design process from now on to help me to evolve as a textile artist and create my best work yet!....Here goes.... :)

To find out more here are a couple of links to more indepth explanations of the 7 theories of Japanese philosophy:

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